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Client Spotlight - Kloeckner Metals Corporation

A.K.A. designed and developed a new website for Kloeckner Metals Corporation.

By: Alexa Poulin, Account Coordinator

Kloeckner Metals Corporation is a US manufacturer and distributor of carbon and non-ferrous metals, with over 50 branches across the country. Given recent corporate acquisitions and mergers, a corporate name change, and the age of the existing site (previously developed by A.K.A.), it was determined that Kloeckner Metals would benefit greatly from a full website redevelopment.

The new site aligns and leverages Klöckner & Co SE’s (their parent company) new global brand while maintaining expressions and elements that are appropriate and unique to Kloeckner Metals’ North American presence. Most importantly, each individual branch has been given a larger presence and voice within the new site, including Google Map integration for each.

“We have been working with A.K.A. for about a decade with good reason. They continually take the time to understand our business, values and goals, and then apply their interactive, design and development expertise to ensure that Kloeckner Metals is optimally positioned in the marketplace. Their client-focused attitude and commitment to quality gives us confidence that our project and its success is a priority for them. Working with A.K.A. New Media was an absolute pleasure and we look forward to continuing to work with A.K.A. in the future.”
Eddie Toth, Director of Marketing
Kloeckner Metals Corporation

Check out their new site at www.kloecknermetals.com
Posted by Alexa on 3/14/2014 9:35:34 AM

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