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A.K.A. Attends: Paint The Halls

A.K.A. attends a Women's College Hospital event Paint The Halls.

Last night myself and many of my A.K.A. colleagues attended a spectacular event called Paint The Halls (PTH) held by Women’s College Hospital Foundation.

With Women’s College Hospital Foundation (WCHF, as I’ll be referring it to) being one of A.K.A.’s clients and this event being one of our projects in helping campaign the event and promote WCHF, it was truly amazing to see it come to life. I must admit, it was especially fun for me as it was my first client event to attend that I had helped put to fruition.

Here’s a quick little recap of what the event was all about: The existing hospital was going to be demolished in order to build the new, state-of-the-art Women’s College Hospital facility. The foundation, and a company called Art Battle, came up with an idea to bring artists from around Ontario into the old and empty hospital. The artist would be given paint, brushes and a set amount of wall space to literally paint the halls. It was a competition between artists who had 75 minutes to paint whatever they chose, with the party-goers serving as judges.

The hospital was so alive during the event - there were DJ’s, caterers (providing delicious sushi and more), and bars complete with IV bags filled with a red-coloured specialty drink.

I can’t tell you how much fun it was to be a part of, and we were so happy to have helped WCHF with their digital campaign and strategy for the event.

Check out pictures from the event here:
**Like any painting’s you see? They’ve been developed as prints, get yours by clicking here


There we are!

Taking any means to get the job done...

The IV bags!

Artist in action...

One of my personal favourites...

The winner of the night!

Posted by Maddison on 6/3/2013 11:07:53 AM

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