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Will Twitter profile changes affect how you use the tool for nonprofit fundraising?

Twitter has redesigned the profile page - will this change how we use it?

By: Alexa Poulin, Account Coordinator

Twitter will soon be rolling out a completely redesigned platform, which raises a question for nonprofits  – how will this affect how they use the tool for fundraising?

Taking a look at a screenshot of the proposed new profile page (you can see it here) it looks as though these changes won’t have much effect on your general, everyday use. Probably the biggest change is the revamped tweet stream. There is a greater focus on photos, and a move away from a completely vertical timeline.

This change simply means that any photos you tweet out are now going to receive more attention. As a nonprofit marketer, you probably have a stack of great, authentic photos that go along with your stories and events. Make it common place to start including these in your tweets and really engage your donors and supporters.

These changes are still in testing, so no word on when they will be rolled out to the public. We think this is a great addition that will allow nonprofits to connect even more with their audience, and ultimately drive more donations. Get into the habit now of including images and photos in your tweets whenever possible.
Posted by Alexa on 2/17/2014 4:18:19 PM

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