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Website Trends to Look Out for in 2014

Website Trends to Look Out for in 2014
A review of the article "11 Web Marketing and Social Media Trends that will Shape 2014" highlighting prominant trends that businesses and the general public should consider.

By: Maddison Roberts, Account Coordinator


This morning our COO sent around a link to an article titled "11 Web Marketing and Social Media Trends that will Shape 2014" by Stephanie Frasco, and I couldn't help but want to dive further into some of her points. These trends are evolving, I see it every day in my work environment and feel it's important to pass on.

I won't comment on all 11 trends (as Frasco sums many of them up quite nicely), but there are 3 that are especially important to your online digital strategy and should consider applying if you haven't already.

"Mobile is about to go Mainstream" - This is absolutely true. 55% percent of mobile owners use their phone to go online (Neeley, Jake), therefore your website needs to be user friendly. As Frasco mentions in her article, you can do this by having your website designed responsively. Responsive design is becoming more and more popular and, to many, more effective than having a separate mobile website. When your website is mobile responsive the screen will shrink and re-order the website's priorities to fit on a mobile, tablet or desktop screen. Check out www.mlseteamupchallenge.com as an example (shrink the browser to see responsive design in action).

"Spammy Content Will be Eliminated Everywhere" - Content is king on your website. It will drive people to your site through search engines if you use the right keywords and key-phrases. Frasco makes a good point by mentioning that Google (and other search engines) are becoming smarter at finding "spammy" content within a webpage and this can be harmful to your site as Google can mark your website as spam. This can cause you to not show up in organic searches where your business is relevant to the users search. Think like your users, and put those keywords and key-phrases throughout your content on your website. For us here at A.K.A. New Media, we would use something like “Toronto website developers”.  

"Image-Centric Sites Will Continue to Rise" – Content is definitely king, but remember that images make a huge difference in the way people interact with your website. Users want to visualize your business and what you have to offer, plus it gives them a little break from reading the very relevant and non-spammy content on your site. You can use images to your advantage as well. For SEO purposes title your image appropriately. Search engines pick-up on this content, so prepare in your digital marketing strategy how to update/incorporate images on your website.

There are so many tactics you can take to improve your website, keep up with the latest trends and ask you web designers and web developer’s questions to understand what they are and if they’ve seen anything new.

Posted by Maddison on 2/10/2014 11:35:44 AM

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