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Google + vs. LinkedIn for Business

Google + vs. LinkedIn for Business
Here's why your company should be on Google + 

By: Ash Aujla, Business Development Manager & Digital Strategist
When Google first launched it’s own social media network, people were skeptical. In fact, they are still skeptical but the medium has been gaining ground over the years especially for businesses. Marketers who spend a lot of their budget on Google SEO and AdWords, are quickly learning that Google + holds a lot of sway when it comes to increasing exposure. 
If you have a Google + account, you will find that if you search for yourself, the first thing that will come up is your Google + profile. So how is Google becoming a top search tool for B2B Marketers and employers alike? Businesses are benefitting from Google + because it really gives you a great opportunity to become an authority in your industry due to it’s incredible SEO benefits and the fact that your page will receive an automatic PageRank when set up.
Companies also get placed on the right hand side of the page of the search results, which includes any reviews. Currently, LinkedIn does not have this type of functionality. It’s almost like free advertising that gets seen by hundreds of thousands of people. This is something marketing managers will love.
Google + also allows for segmented content marketing. You can choose who get to see your content, giving you a great tool to really boost engagement through a targeted strategy. 
Though LinkedIn certainly has the upper hand on attracting professionals, Google is quickly catching up as it has become a darling social media outlet for small to enterprise businesses alike. 
*Coca-Cola's current Google + page, gearing up for the World Cup in Brazil this Summer. 
Posted by on 2/21/2014 1:14:52 PM

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