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A Twitter Bio That Enhances Your SEO

A Twitter Bio That Enhances Your SEO
Tips for building your Twitter bio

By: Alexa Poulin, Account Coordinator

Many nonprofits are beginning to implement a digital strategy that includes social media networks. Of these, Twitter is one of the most popular. But before you even begin to plan how and what you will post, the first step of your strategy should include the creation of your account and bio. A UNIQUE account and bio.

5 Steps to Building the Perfect Nonprofit Fundraising Twitter Bio

This article from Miratel outlines some of the basics – the very basics. While all of these points can serve as important reminders, the last one deserves a little extra attention.

SEO In All You Do

We can’t say this enough. While the article talks about this from a perspective of connecting with the right followers, we’d like to take it one step further. Why not do yourself a little favour and let your bio (and later your tweets) do double duty for your SEO.

For those new to it, SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Put simply, it means improving your ranking within a search engine result. Given the popularity of Google, most companies are now just concerned with that ranking. While Google takes many things into account when determining your ranking, one of the easiest ways to influence this is through consistent and appropriate use of keywords. The keywords (or words that you think people will use when trying to search for you) should be prevalent not only through-out your website, but also in your social media. And that means not just in your bio and account information, but also in the content you are tweeting.  

Your digital marketing strategy – meaning everything you do online from your website to your social media strategy – should work together and feed off of each other.  What other elements of your strategy are helping you plan for others?

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Posted by Alexa on 2/19/2014 3:56:19 PM

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