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Recent Website Launch – Chicken Farmers of Ontario

Recent Website Launch – Chicken Farmers of Ontario
A.K.A. designs and develops a new, mobile-friendly website for Chicken Farmers of Ontario.

 Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) represents more than 1,100 family run farms that collectively ensure Ontario consumers enjoy a reliable supply of safe, healthy, high quality, Ontario-grown chicken, providing innovative and entrepreneurial leadership to the supply management system that matches domestic production to domestic consumer demand.

As part of their 50th Anniversary celebration, CFO looked to A.K.A. to redesign and redevelop their outdated website. The website needed to demonstrate that CFO is an effective, responsive, and progressive regulator. It also needed to show that they deliver efficient and expert supply management system regulations that support Ontario industry growth, quality, safety and reliability, while encouraging innovation and competitiveness.

The final result? A more modern, user-friendly, and mobile responsive website was developed that allows visitors to learn more about CFO and it’s programs, which also provides members quick access to regulatory information, as well as resources. Developed on Kentico, CFO can now easily update content on the fly, on a site that will continue to grow with them.

Visit the website at www.ontariochicken.ca

CFO has also enlisted A.K.A. to help with the branding of their soon-to-launch member portal, CFO Connects. The portal captures all aspects of their supply chain management, but lacked branding and user-friendly look. A.K.A. worked with CFO and their third-party portal developer to design and implement changes more in line with the new website, while still retaining all elements of functionality.

Posted by Alexa on 4/1/2015 4:18:00 PM

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