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Canada Loses a Canadian Hero; A.K.A. Honours Peter Nares


On Tuesday, April 6, 2016, Canada lost a Canadian hero. Peter Nares was a social advocacy champion and one of the great social entrepreneurs who believed deeply in the inherent potential of all Canadians and had an immense positive impact on the lives of thousands of Canadians. 
On a personal note, A.K.A.’s launch as a company almost 20 years ago was partially facilitated by an entrepreneurial program that Matthew Myers (A.K.A.’s Co-Founder) attended that was provided by Prosper Canada (then SEDI), a national organization founded by Peter. Since that time, Peter has remained a great friend and mentor to both Matthew and Assadour (A.K.A.’s Co-Founder). As A.K.A. has grown and evolved over the years working with countless not-for-profit organizations and being a vehicle for many new and existing Canadians to practice their talents, Matthew and Assadour hope that in some small way A.K.A. has reflected some of the goals, values and vision that Peter so strongly exemplified.
In a statement by Charles Coffey, Officer of the Order of Canada, that appeared in the Globe & Mail on Saturday, April 9, 2016, Peter was described as one who embodies 'the essence of enlightened compassionate leadership and has given voice to those who have none... He has set a standard of excellence that will be a lasting legacy'.
We invite you to learn more about Peter and his legacy through the wonderful tribute to him by Elizabeth Mulholland, CEO, Prosper Canada:
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