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Securing Login Information for Social Networks

Keep your future self stress-free by ensuring your login information for your social networks are accounted for.

I am often approached by clients asking if we can help disable users from, or show them how to gain access to their social networks. Turnover happens, and in the midst of people coming and going, your social networks can sometimes get pushed aside leaving you in a sticky situation. Here are some quick tips on how to secure your social networks and prevent that headache of contacting someone you just let go in order for you to login to Facebook.

To login to Twitter you simply need a username and a password, it’s not linked to anyone’s personal account. Keep in mind that there should be MORE than one employee who has this information – if it’s not you, ensure that at least two people have this (so if one leaves you’re not left in the dust).

Facebook has “manager access” and is linked to the individual’s profile. “Manager access” allows for you to add, delete and assign responsibilities to others. The “manager” who created the page can now give access to others, and they can determine what type of access the other people receive. Again, it’s important to have someone, like the CEO or VP of Marketing, as the manager and have them appoint one or two other people with manager status. This way, for example, the VP of Marketing doesn’t have to login to Facebook themselves and remove/give access to employees, the new “managers” can do this themselves.

LinkedIn also has “manager access” and is linked to an individual’s profile. Again, make sure there is more than one manager who can update content and add/manage others.

If you’re creating a new social network account, try to understand how the login information works. You can save yourself a lot of time and panic in the future. When all else fails, you can contact the social network directly, but it can take a few days.

A basic rule for login information is to either make sure your CEO or COO has this (most likely they aren’t the ones who will be leaving after a couple of years) or two employees. And as a side note, remember, if anyone leaves your company who had this access – delete them from all accounts and change your passwords. Better to be safe than sorry.

Posted by Maddison on 4/23/2014 2:31:11 PM

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