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Creating a Digital Strategy – Step 3

Creating a Digital Strategy – Step 3
Step 3 in creating a digital strategy is how to implement and execute your campaigns.

Creating a Digital Strategy – Step 3: Implement & Execute

The implementation focuses on the delivery of the campaign, including:

1.    Building the engagement timeline:
  • When will you be posting to your social networks?
  • How many times a month will you post on your blog?
  • Make a content calendar put your ideas into action.

Focus your strategy around a calendar. This will allow you to prepare your content before hand because you will know what expect from each day. It can be difficult to just "wing it" everyday, and by building a content calendar you are giving yourself some breathing room. If you have others helping you with content, asssign them a day of the week and expect the content from them before hand.

2.    Monitoring your performance:

  • Sampling progress through a campaign and optimizing the campaign message.
Watch your campaign. If you have decided to try out google ads, or facebook ads make sure that you monitor their progress. Is it working? Are you getting the results you expected? Monitoring even how many people saw your "tweet" is important to see what your users are engaging with and not engaging with.

3.    Recording information:

  • Through each campaign set-up for evaluation
By recording your information for each campaign you will be able to measure your success without having to dig for how many new followers you gained in month 3.

Our final post next week will be about measurement and analysis!

Photo credit: Oliver, Henze via Flickr 
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
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