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We were so excited to help out our clients Community Food Centres, with their #myfoodhero Campaign. We worked with CCFC to design and develop them a mobile enhanced, dynamic campaign website that invites Canadians to share their food hero stories and make a donation that will ensure more low-income Canadians have access to the healthy food and support they need.

Canadian Food Centres Canada builds vibrant, food-focused places where people can have delicious meals, cook and garden together, find friends and support, and become forces for change. Donate today and CCFC will send your food hero a tribute card and gift on your behalf.

Take a look at the #mfoodhero campaign, make a donation and share your #foodhero



Posted by Global Administrator on 11/20/2017 10:50:21 AM

Here are few things we are working on this month
These are just some of the exciting projects that we have the honour to be working on this month. Stay tuned for more!!!

Posted by Global Administrator on 11/1/2017 8:42:15 PM


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